How to Start a Remote PC Repair Business

In comparison to other PC business enterprises, a remote PC repair business provides PC users specialized PC repair services rather than a live chat with a technician. With a remote computer repair service, the client is the one who offers the technician access to his or her desktop or laptop PC. A majority of PC users are fast opting for remote PC repair services because of the convenience and flexibility offered.

Discussed herein, are tips and guidelines on how to start a remote PC repair business:

What you will need

The following are some of the things you will need to start your remote computer repair business:

- A website: This is crucial for not only promoting your services but also providing online computer repair.

- Telephone number: Every business requires a telephone number.


Make a decision on the kind of PC repair service you would like to provide your clients with. A number of businesses provide support for particular applications while other business offer both hardware and software support. You also need to establish your demography. For example, if your intention is to provide online support for individual PC users, then you will need to include OS support and applications software repair, security software installation and internet configuration as part of your services. In addition, you need to make a decision on whether you are going to offer troubleshooting and repair services on multiple operating systems or a specific kind of operating system.

Ensure that your employees have certifications from either Microsoft or Apple. Clients look at certifications as a means of gauging the credibility of a remote computer company. In addition, make certain that the staff you are hiring have extensive experience in offering remote access services.

Determine the prices you are going to charge your clients. However, it is important to point out that the rates will differ hinging on the kind of service offered. You need to provide your clients with competitive prices. Do not be expensive or cheap. Get to know the rates charged by some of the remote PC repair businesses.

For instance, a number of companies will charge roughly $125.00 for a full PC clean-up solution. If your intentions is to provide localized services, ensure that your rates are affordable to your target market. Moreover, the startup capital you will require to run a local remote PC repair business cannot be compared to the capital needed to run a national business.

Get all the equipment you need to run your business. To run a remote PC repair business, you will require reliable internet connectivity as well as a number of PCs. However, these resources will hinge on the size of your business. If you are interested in Christmas ecards for business you need to visit this site www.ecards2go.com .

If your intention is to open and run a one-man business, then you will not need more than 3 computers. In addition to the PCs and internet connection, you will require OS plus software emulators as well as a toll free number (i.e. 0800 or 0808).

Your business will also require a website. A website is not only necessary as a means of advertisement and increasing your online presence, but also as a means of initiating a live chat session with your prospective clients. Furthermore, to get in touch with you clients will need to obtain your contact details from your website.

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